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5 Tips for using Twitter Effectively

Twitter Tips

Here’s my list of 5 top tips for using Twitter effectively to build your on-line presence.

  1. Keep Tweets Short
  2. Use Hashtags
  3. Use images
  4. Add a Call to Action
  5. Don’t Oversell

Tweet Cheat Sheet Social Media Here’s the details behind each of these:

1. Keep Tweets Short

  • Just because you have 140 characters doesn’t mean you have to use them.
  • If you use up all the characters that doesn’t leave any space for retweeters to add additional commentary or calls to action
  • Keep it short – to get your tweets read
  • Short tweets are 17% more likely to get engagement than long tweets

2. Use 1 or 2 Hashtags

  • Less than 25% of brands are using hashtags in their tweets. But hashtags receive twice the amount of engagement.
  • Hashtags are a great way for new followers to find relevant content.
  • Don’t use too many hashtags – or the engagement level will drop

3. Use Images

  • A picture is worth a thousand words and they really capture your attention.
  • Tweets with pictures or links receive twice the engagement as text only tweets.

4. Add A Call to Action

  • Asking the community to retweet really does work on Twitter.
  • Tweets with “RT” or “Retweet” receive 12x higher shares.

5. Don’t Oversell

  • Twitter is about connecting and sharing
  • It’s old to promote your products and activities, but don’t oversell
  • Too much selling will drive your followers away.

The Twitter Cheat sheet is from Buddy Media and is a useful reminder to have on your desk when you’re creating your Twitter Content.

Happy Tweeting!