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Here’s how Twitter Search can save you time

Are you just using Twitter search to find relevant hashtags or usernames? I was too, until I discovered that Twitter has a powerful search tool that can do so much more.

Twitter Search Screens

The Twitter search box is in the top right hand corner on any Twitter page:

Twitter Search Box on Jay Artale Freelance Social Media

But if you want to use a Google-like search screen, that includes operators to help fine-tune your results:

Use this url:

Which gives you a search box like this:

Twitter Search home Jay Artale Social Media

Twitter Search Operators Cheat Sheet

On that screen there’s also a link that opens a pop-up window to a reference list of Twitter Search Operators:

Twitter Search Operators Cheat Sheet

My Top 3 ways to use Twitter Search

1. Search for a exact phrase:

2. Search for tweets containing two items:

3. To exclude a word from your search:

Save your Twitter Search results

Don’t forget you can save your search, just click on the SAVE button in the top of the search results, and you can access your Saved Search list again and again without having to type the term you’re looking for.

Pinterest for Authors Twitter Saved Search Jay Artale

I hope these Twitter Search Tips will save you time. What’s your favourite Twitter search tool? Let me know about it in the comments section below.