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Blog Roundup of Social Media for Interior Designers

The Shift to Visual Social MediaVisual Social Media

2014 saw the social media shift from Tell to Show. All social media networks became more visual, and even Twitter, which has historically been a text only network has been embracing images and videos.

Not surprisingly, tweets with images get more engagement and are retweeted and shared more prolifically. It’s a trend that all social media networks have in common, and social media is only going to get more visual.

The evolution doesn’t stop there. Instagram just announced they’re going to start authenticating Business accounts, and they’ve launched their own Instagram for Business Blog. Instagram isn’t the only image-based network that has grown exponentially – look at Pinterest. It has become one of the fastest growing networks.

A Picture is worth a thousand words iconA Picture is Worth a 1000 Words

This shift towards image-based content marketing is good news for visual businesses, like Interior Design. If you can tap into the power of images, photos, videos and infographics, you’ll increase your chance of reaching people with your message and connecting with them emotionally.

If you can’t attract them in the first couple of seconds – they’ve moved onto the next post.

Create you own Images

Learn to use quality DIY editing programs like PicMonkey or Canva to create attention grabbing images for your blow, website or social media content. Look at creating:

  2. Lists
  3. Infographics
  4. Videos, or
  5. Slideshare Presentations

These formats can convey your message more simply than a paragraph full of text.

Consider what information you can provide that is informative or inspirational. Assess what you can “give” your audience, and it’ll keep them coming back for more.

The new slant on visual social media has a natural connection to the interior design niche, and I’ve compiled a roundup of 5 blogs and websites that offer advice for using social media to connect to your audience.

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Social Media for Interior Designers

1. Katie reviews two social media channels to use for your interior design business (Instagram and Pinterest):

Katie Wagner Social Media Icon Jay Artale Blog Roundup

Article: Social Media for Interiors Designers

2. CLM Media created a list of five things to avoid in your social media strategy:

Article: 5 Don'ts of Social Media for Interior Design

Article: 5 Don’ts of Social Media for Interior Design

3. Michael Conway reviews the value of using Pinterest and Houzz to market your interior design company:

Article: The best Social Media Marketing is Visual

Article: The best Social Media Marketing is Visual

4. The girls over at Refined Haystack share some basic tips about what they’ve learned from the interior design social media pioneers:

Refined Haystack Logo Interior Design

Article; How to Grow Social Media for Interior Design

5. Harry reviews 8 social media tactics that will kick start start your social media activity to help you get more social media clients:

Addison/Dicus Company Inc Logo

Article: 8 Eight Social Media Tactics to Get More Interior Design Clients

If you have some insights or experience of using social media for the interior design industry… leave a comment below to share your experience.