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3 Ways To Save Time On Twitter

Marc GubertiToday I’m really excited to welcome Guest Blogger Marc Guberti to my website.

He’s teenage entrepreneur, social media inspiration and digital marketing expert with over 195,000 Twitter followers.

My name is Marc Guberti. I am very happy for my own success, but I want other teens to become successful just like me. I was inspired by a Tony Robbins video (who wasn’t) about potential.

In the video, Tony said that people need to believe there is potential in order to start and eventually become successful.

In other words, people need to see someone already thriving before they start because they want to thrive too.

If you are like most people on social media, you find yourself using it often to stay updated about the news. You may find yourself using social media to find out if the dress was white and gold or black and blue. Of course, this is not the only way we use social media. We also want to grow our audiences, post engaging content, and lead our social media followers to our blogs and landing pages.

Social media, in a sense, is a double-edged sword. Social media is the best tool for interacting with other people and growing an audience for free. I spent less than $100 for my Twitter strategy (all of this money went towards Twitter tools like HootSuite Pro) to make my audience exceed 100,000 Twitter followers.

That’s the power of social media. However, social media also presents a way to procrastinate like never before. Many people surf YouTube video after YouTube video and find themselves going through tweets in the trending topics too often.

You should be on social media for just 30 minutes every day, and all of that time should be spent on your social media strategy. In order to spend more time on your social media strategy and less time surfing social media, follow these three tips:

1. Use third-party tools

I send over 100 tweets and respond to dozens of conversations every day. And yet, I don’t go on Twitter nearly as much as I used to. In fact, I almost never go on Twitter anymore. Instead of going on Twitter, I use HootSuite to send tweets and have conversations with my followers.

HootSuite’s bulk scheduler allows me to schedule over 100 prewritten tweets in just six clicks, and I can respond to people’s conversations on HootSuite in the same way I would do on Twitter. The only difference is no trending topics and no distractions.

2. Find ways to do the same things quicker

In every social media strategy is a series of methods that we implement in a given day. Some of those methods take a minute to implement while other methods take a few minutes to implement.

One thing I used to do for my social media strategy was manually schedule 48 tweets into HootSuite every day. Even though I had prewritten tweets in a document, the process of manually scheduling this many tweets would take over an hour of my time every day. I knew this was too much time, especially when I wasn’t getting massive results from my efforts just yet. The solution was HootSuite Pro.

Now, I schedule more than twice as many tweets which means I can do the same thing in one minute that would have normally taken me two hours. I have cut down the amount of time it takes me to do multiple activities. In total, I probably save 10 hours of my time every week. That extra time goes into product creation, marketing those products, and writing blog posts.

More Information about HootSuite

3. Use Mindful Browsing

All you need is ten secondsMindful Browsing is an awesome web application that allows you to block websites on your browser. When I find myself on YouTube or any other social network too often, I block that social network with Mindful Browsing. After I block a social network with Mindful Browsing, a message pops up saying that I blocked the website.

Only after 10 seconds of waiting will I have the option to regain access to the social network. Within those 10 seconds, I will realize that I could use my time more productively. Then, I don’t go back on the social networks until I got all of my tasks accomplished for the day.

More Information about Mindful Browsing

In Conclusion

Social media is a powerful tool that makes it easy for you to grow your audience. However, it is also a tool that easily distracts us and eats away at our time. By implementing these three methods, you will save more time when implementing your social media strategy.

Which method was your favorite? Do you have any additional methods to save more time in your social media strategy? Please share your thoughts and advice below.

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