Strategic Approach to Social Media Management

Are you overwhelmed and stressed by the level of commitment it takes maintain your social media engagement?

The best way to combat this is to develop a multi-level plan for all of your social media and content marketing activity. I can help you develop a plan that you can implement yourself, or alternatively I can handle the entire end-to-end process from Strategic Planning to ROI Evaluation.

Centralised Editorial Calendar

12-Month View

Strategic Plan to develop key areas of focus. This plan is reviewed every quarter to incorporate in the ROI input from the historical campaigns.

Rolling 3-Month View

Mid-Range plan to provide visibility to the individual campaigns being developed and implemented.

Rolling 6-Week View

Tactical management of a detailed 6-week view of planned content required for each campaign and other content marketing activity.

Monthly Post-Mortem

At the end of each month we'll review the analytics and metrics to assess the ROI of the activity, and capture lesson's learnt for future implementation.

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Editorial Calendar in Shareist

Personalised Editorial Calendar

I use a personalized editorial calendar to plan your content marketing activity and campaigns

  • Full visibility to a Content Queue
  • Easily view of what content is being developed and what has already been published
  • One stop shop for capturing content ideas, social posts and pages

Editorial Calendar in Shareist

Campaign Planning Horizon

All campaigns are tracked and managed independently so that we have full visibility to the activity and ROI.

  • Content is organized into individual campaigns
  • Data is sent to Google Analytics
  • Track engagement, traffic and conversions

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Meticulous Content Creation

Your social media networks are a nest of baby birds looking for their next meal. I can help you make sure you never run out of worms. I use a tried and tested methodical approach that supports a vision of "Share and be Shared". We share other people's content and create unique content to be shared by others.


Baby Birds in a Nest

Develop Ideas

I follow trending topics and Thought Leaders in your niche to develop ideas to support your brand, and establish you as a Thought Leader and Subject Matter Expert

Curate News

News is curated directly off the web via manual searches and inbound RSS feed assessments. It's evaluated to ensure it supports your brand and used to develop your content marketing strategy.

Create Content

Your editorial calendar is populated with curated content that compliments your brand. It's supplemented with the unique content we develop for your campaign activity.

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Content Scheduling & Distribution

Manage and repurpose content and distribute it across your social media networks, blog platform and mailing list.

Content Distribution

All content is reviewed, scheduled and managed through multiple distribution channels.

  • Export to newsletters, HTML and PDF to create giveaways and audience incentives
  • Publish content to multiple locations, then rework and reuse it
  • Make round-up posts out of the content that attracted the most engagement

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