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20 Ways to use Houzz Ideabooks for e-commerce

Houzz Logo How to use Houzz to market your business Interior DesignWhat are Houzz Ideabooks?

Ideabooks are the largest opportunity you have to showcase your products on Houzz. You can add your own products to your Ideabooks, as well as images for other products or design ideas from any other Houzz user. They’re a great way to group related content, and to educate, entertain and engage your community. It’s also a great way to attract new business leads.

20 Houzz Ideabook Content Tips

Here’s my list of 20 suggestions for Ideabook content that will help to raise your brand awareness and grow your Houzz community:

  1. Use Ideabooks to share design tips and design advice
  2. Use Ideabooks Post a series of 2 different product photos to compare them and ask your audience which one they prefer
  3. Use Ideabooks to showcase a specific room in the house
  4. Use Ideabooks to showcase design elements of the same color
  5. Use Ideabooks to showcase designs using a specific colour-palette (e.g. using aqua and orange together)
  6. Use Ideabooks to showcase design styles (e.g. coastal, cottage, loft)
  7. Use Ideabooks to show customers the different ways they can use your product
  8. Use Ideabooks to host a contest. Post content and ask your followers for their input and offer them a reward or incentive for participating
  9. Use Ideabooks to partner with other local design professionals and partners
  10. Use Ideabooks to create collections of your product and other related products on Houzz
  11. Use Ideabooks to create gift guides. (e.g. House Warming Gifts, New Home, Newly Weds etc.)
  12. Use Ideabooks to show how your product can be used or staged within the house
  13. Use Ideabooks to showcase a particular design trend
  14. Use Ideabooks to create a Top 20 list of featured items
  15. Use Ideabooks to post a DIY project start to finish
  16. Use Ideabooks to share tips on getting organized
  17. Use Ideabooks to help plan for a new event house event (new home, arrival of a baby, visitors coming to stay, empty nest opportunities)
  18. Use Ideabooks to create design ideas for the different seasons (e.g. spring cleaning and getting organized, outdoors for summer)
  19. Use Ideabooks to create interior design and decorating idea for the holiday season (e.g. Christmas, Thanksgiving)
  20. Use Ideabooks to create a reference collection for themed room ideas (e.g. nautical nursery, surfer boys room)

Houzz Ideabook examples Houzz Ideabook examples Houzz Ideabook examples

Best Practices for your Ideabooks

  • Add links to your own images.
  • You should upload new photos to your Ideabooks on a regular basis
  • Follow other designers offering similar products. You can get ideas and inspiration for new content from their Ideabooks.
  • Share and Bookmark other designers’ images helps to expose your brand more and can help you build a bigger following.
  • Allow others to add photos to your Ideabooks by making them PUBLIC (like Shared Boards on Pinterest)
  • Don’t SPAM (e.g. don’t ask people you haven’t interacted with to contribute to Ideabooks). Build a relationship first and then start collaborating.
  • Share your Ideanooks with clients and fellow professionals. Simply enter their email address, edit the permission settings and share.

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