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Portfolio Activity for November

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Sometimes the days fly by so fast its easy to forget the breadth of assignments I work on. They come at me thick and fast during the month and this page is an opportunity to take stock of the activities and recognition.

Here’s the diverse collection of activities that have kept me busy during the month of November that includes social media content creation and management as well as content and inbound marketing activities.

Some of the deliverables this month were ghostwriting assignments, so to retain the anonymity of my client’s I’m not in a position to include detailed information about them.

November Business Blog Articles:

  • Technology Industry Articles
    • Managing Flexible Work Hours to Retain Talent
    • 4 Executive Time Management Tips

Actionspace Feedback from Irina Blog Review

  • Interior Design Articles
    • Review of British Interior Designers

Review Interior Design Blog Article by Jay Artale

November Product Descriptions:

  • Fine 18K white gold jewelry

MSImagines Jewellry Product Descriptions by Jay Artale

November Tweet Sets for:

  • Bridge Trust
  • Social Media Agency Services

Feedback for Social Media Article from Zoe Tweets written by Jay Artale

November Social Media Management:

  • Virtual Assistant Website support and YouTube Channel Set up

Virtual Assistant Review for Jay Artale

  • Social Media Strategy and Management for interior design e-commerce business

Project Cottage PPH social media review feedback for Jay Artale

Thanks to all the clients who provided me with assignments this month. I look forward to supporting you in the future.