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Relaunch of Pinterest for Authors Giveaway at London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe

I recently relocated and had to put my Pinterest for Authors giveaway on hold during the upheavel, but I’m pleased to say that I’ve relaunched it in April as part of the Indie Author Fringe, which is an online self-publishing conference for indie authors, run by authors (me being one of them!)

During my online session:

Back to Basics Indie Author Fringe Session at LBF for Jay Artale

I hosted an free “Pinterest for Authors” giveaway to kick start this series of free consulting sessions for authors, and the winner was:

Author, Charlene Carr

Charlene Carr Pinterest Profile

We’ve started our consulting sessions, and I’m looking forward to delving into her author brand goals and objectives so that I can put together an easy to follow, step-by-step plan to help her reach more readers for her feel-good fiction.

I’ll be blogging about the challenges and solutions of how Charlene can use Pinterest more effectively.


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