Quotes about Social Media Strategy

Only 35% have a Content Marketing Strategy

Social Media Trends

The third annual Trends report from the Content Marketing Institute and the Direct Marketing Association is out.

This UK survey, sponsored by Axonn Mediaposes questions about the effectiveness of Content Marketing and has some telling input.

Quotes about Social Media StrategyContent Marketing Strategy

When asked whether they had a content marketing strategy, only 36% of participants said they had a documented content marketing strategy.

Quotes about Social Media StrategyIt’s heartening that another 51% have a strategy, but if it’s not documented, how effective can it be?

If you’re taking the time to develop a plan, make the extra effort and write it down.

It should be a living, breathing document that is well researched and developed. Create something that supports your brand, and captures your key objectives and goals.

Pull it out at least once a month to review it. An ideal time is when you run your monthly Content Marketing metrics. Check your blog traffic and all of your social media networks, and see what content is working.

Do you know which content is resonating with your audience?

If you’re not tracking your metrics, you’ll never know. Developing a strategy and tracking the response to your content is a surefire way and increasing your Content Marketing ROI.

For more insights from the Axonn Media, see their Infographic below:

Piecing together a super social media strategy