Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide paperback version cover

My new Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Paperback Cover

Printed version coming soon!

I received the cover mock up for the paperback version of my Bodrum Peninsula Travel guide. I decided to use the same cover photo as my ebook version, but the fonts and layout have been revamped for this paperback version.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide paperback version cover

I’m really excited about this cover revamp … and now I just need to complete the updates to the content. Then I can give my cover designer the page count, so that he can calculate the spine width.

Even though it’s going to be a tough season for Turkey, there’s no better time to be releasing my first ebook in paperback format. I want to do everything I can to help support the local Bodrum community to have a successful tourist season, and by showcasing all that’s good about the area via my Travel Guide and Blog – I feel I’m contributing in some way.