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Jay featured on Bibliocrunch Twitter Chat #IndieChat

Twitter Chat

Jay Artale as featured on Twitter Chat #IndieChat for BibliocrunchLast week I had the pleasure of being hosted by Bibliocrunch on their weekly Twitter #IndieChat, to talk about #PinterestforAuthors.

Every week they host #IndieChat on Twitter and invite industry experts and authors to discuss and share tips on the indie and publishing landscape. #Indiechat is held every Tuesday at 4pm EST.

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You can Read my Twitter Chat on Storify

There’s was a lot a great questions about how writers should leverage Pinterest to build their author brand, and promote their books without selling. I couldn’t believe how quickly the hour flashed by, and I was a little sad when it came to an end. I can’t wait for my next Twitter Chat!

Twitter Chat Giveaway

Everyone who participated in the #IndieChat is going  to receive a copy of my #PinterestforAuthors ebook as soon as it’s published.

Twitter Chat

If you host a Twitter Chat aimed at Indie Authors and would like a guest tweeter to answer questions about Pinterest for Authors and Writers .. feel free to contact me with the details by leaving a comment below.