Indie Author Fringe 2016 Online Selfpublishing conference

I’m Co-organising Indie Author Fringe 2016

From IndieReCon to Indie Author Fringe

Last year I helped out with Social Media and Event Planning for IndieReCon, and this year the same event has been rebranded to Indie Author Fringe, and is now being run under the Alliance of Independent Author‘s banner.

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This event has always been by authors, for authors, and I’ve joined Orna Ross and David Penny as one of the co-organisers of this event for 2016. Each of us writes a different genre, but we all have on thing in common; we all self-publish.

Unlike last year, where we hosted one 3-day event, this year our Indie Author Fringe online conferences will be 1-day events, and we’re hosting three of them.

Mark your Calendar for April 15th

Indie Author Fringe London Book Fair

Mark your Calendar for May 14thIndie Author Fringe BookExpo America

Mark your Calendar for October 22nd

Indie Author Fringe Frankfurt Bookfair

You can attend one or all of our events, and the best thing about them is that due to the support of our sponsors, our Indie Author Fringe Conference is FREE TO ATTEND.

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Visit the Indie Author Fringe Event Home Page

As well as first class information from the cutting edge of self-publishing, we’ll be hosting free giveaways and an Opening Line competition at our April Indie Author Fringe. This competition is FREE to Enter and will be open for entries on March 15th.

Indie Author Fringe FAQ

What is Indie Author Fringe?

  • Indie Author Fringe (formerly known as IndieReCon) offers FREE ONLINE DAY CONFERENCES for authors interested in self-publishing, alongside three of the biggest publishing fairs.

How many Indie Author Fringe events are you hosting in 2016?

  • We have planned three online international events in 2016 on the heels of:
    • London Book Fair (April 12th-14th 2016) – Our Indie Author Fringe event will be on April 15th
    • Book Expo America (May 11th-13th 2016) – Our Indie Author Fringe event will be on May 14th
    • Frankfurt Book Fair (19th-23rd October 2016) – Our Indie Author Fringe event will be on October 22nd

What does Indie Author Fringe Offer?

  • We offer the best self-publishing advice and education for indie authors across the world — using the global reach of the ALLi network.

How much does it cost to attend these online conferences?

  • We are (and always will be) run by authors for authors, so it’s all free!

What Indie Author topics will your cover?

  • Over the course of the year, our online conference events will take authors through the entire indie author journey, from writing to promotion and beyond. Each event will offer 24 hours of non-stop advice and inspiration, organized around key self-publishing topics.