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Historically companies focused on Outbound Marketing techniques that consisted of Sales Calls, Advertising (e.g. Broadcast and Print advertising) and a Direct Mail. With the advent of the internet, Inbound Marketing has taken on a larger significance in building your brand.



Inbound vs Outbound marketing



Inbound Content Marketing Planning & Implementation

Three of the core components of Inbound Marketing are: 

Optimised Website Content

Engaging Social Content

Informative Blog Content

Combined, these three elements will establish thought leadership and subject matter expertise.
There are multiple ways I can support your businesses on-line. I offer customized Content Marketing freelance copywriting and ghostwriting services, including Website Copy Creation, Product Descriptions and Business Blogging.
I can create a Content Marketing Strategy by reviewing your current on-line activity and make recommendations about how to leverage and grow your existing brand presence.
If  you're looking for an Inbound Content Marketing Strategy or Support - I'm here to help. 

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You may already be aware that Social Media offers a multitude of business benefits, but are unsure of how to identify and leverage all of the opportunities you're faced with. Don't let another prospect slip through your fingers. Instead, let me help you build your brand.


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Do you know how to use Social Media to grow your Business?

More and more companies and solo-preneurs are turning to Social Media Marketing to grow their business, but struggle with how to harness it's true potential.

Why do you need Social Media as part of your online strategy?

Your target audience is searching for answers and the role of content marketers is to help them find the right solutions as quickly and easily as possible.

Customer Interaction

It's important to know how to communication and connect with your customers.

Drive Traffic to your site

Social Media activity is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Create Brand Awareness

Use Social Media and Content Marketing to make sure people know your vision and values.

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Do these scenarios sound familiar?

  • I have my social media profiles set up, but I don't have time to maintain them
  • I don't have any social media profiles set up, but I just haven't started yet
  • I don't have any social media profiles set up. Do I need them?
Let me help you decipher your content marketing needs and develop a strategy to get you heading in the right direction.
You may be one of the many businesses who would like to fully leverage social media in their marketing strategies, but don't have the time, resources or expertise to do it.
I can also provide long-term social media support to help you grow your business.

Social Media Services Customized to meet your Business Needs

I offer customized social media packages and training to fit your individual needs. I'm passionate about social media, and can help your business increase it's online presence.
I focus on finding ways to overcome the challenges you've been struggling against, and help you build a solid foundation to build your brand awareness.
Don't treat Social Media as an after-thought. It needs to be integrated into your Content Marketing strategy and I can help you give it the focus it deserves.

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I will evaluate your social media presence and activity to provide a summary of the short terms actions required to establish a solid foundation for a successful social media strategy.

We'll work together to develop your social media strategy and I can provide you with a plan of action or take over your social media management activities.

Social Media Audit

Audit and Assessment of your Social Media Networks

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