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Book Expo America Indie Author Fringe 2016

Indie Author Fringe BEA 2016

Indie Author Fringe Book Expo AmericaIf you missed our 2nd Indie Author Fringe of the year on May 14th, you can read about the speakers and enjoy their conference sessions by clicking on the links below.

We hosted 24-hours of non-stop expert speakers from all over the world, and the theme of the event was how authors can sell, market and promote their books.

It was a usual mix of advice, competitions, speaker giveaways and sponsor promotions, and we stepped up our email marketing and social media communication to ensure that more and more indie authors knew about the event.

This second Indie Author Fringe was a real whirlwind because it happened so soon after the London Book Fair event, but I’m pleased to see that London Book Fair will be scheduled a little earlier in 2017, so these two events won’t be as close together next year.


Orna Ross, David Penny, Jay Artale

The Indie Author Fringe is the number one online conference for all Indie Authors.

Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, is joined by David Penny and Jay Artale to welcome you to the second of this year’s three 24 hour conferences.


Is Trade Publishing Broken? An Insider’s Perspective

Emily Labram

Too many authors think a publishing contract is a golden ticket and fail to understand how to best use trade publishing to connect them to readers. Listen in to this frank discussion between Emily Labram, former product manager at HarperCollins and now technologist at Bibliocloud, and Orna Ross, Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors, who took her rights back from Penguin to self-publish “her own books her own way”. They will discuss how to take a rights perspective when dealing with publishers, and how publishers must transform to meet the needs of readers and writers.


Stop! Don’t Launch Your Book Without Following These Six Crucial Steps.

Kathy Meis

The Indie Author Fringe is the number one online conference for all Indie Authors.

All too often, great books launch into silence. Why? There is no plan in place to give the book a fighting chance. Today’s book marketplace is highly competitive. You need to bring you’re A-game not only on the craft side, but on the business side. In this session, we’ll delve into the six crucial steps that authors need to take before launching their book.


Copywriting is Creative Writing

Bryan Cohen

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, author and copywriter Bryan Cohen explains how you can optimize your sales page to get more readers to buy your book.


Kobo Writing Life Author Interviews 1

Kobo Writing Life

In this first Video recorded by Kobo Writing Life at the London Book Fair 2016, authors Mark Dawson, Tina Folsom, Joanna Penn, Orna Ross and Ian Sutherland are interviewed.


New Publishing Models USA & UK

CJ Lyons

In this video presentation New York Times bestselling author CJ Lyons presents an overview of the way publishing is changing in the US and UK.


Indie Authors: Should You Write for Kindle Worlds?

Toby Neal

Toby Neal has her own Kindle World with 35 (and counting) books starring her characters, and have written two for others’ Worlds. In this post she tells you how she created a Kindle World, and how as writers you can get involved.


Story Structure & Strategy in Writing and Marketing

Joni & Jerusha Rodgers

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, mom and daughter ghostwriting and editing team, Joni & Jerusha Rodgers, explain how story works – in your books and in the words you write around them.


Nailing It – A Writer’s Workshop on Artistic Vision vs. Sales

HM Ward

Best selling author HM Ward will be speaking about making a book more marketable – addressing hooks, blurbs, & intros – and the division between the manuscript as art and marketability.


Write Better Stories Faster

Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant

Sean Platt and Johnny B Truant of Sterling & Stone talk about their own creative process and how planning can help indie authors write a better story in less time, even if they’re “pantsers”.


How To Use Your Distributor to Market Your Books

Dan Wood

There are various opportunities to merchandise your books through Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Nook and other ebook disbributors. Draft2Digital’s Dan Wood explains the different requirements of each of the major vendors and how to give your book the best chance of landing one of those coveted spots.


How to Hit the Bestseller Lists with Ebook Pre-orders

Mark Coker

Mark Coker talks about how authors can leverage preorders to sell more books. Less than 15% of indies are using preorders, even though it’s been shown that books born as preorders sell more copies.


Should Indie Authors Do Pre-Orders? One Author’s Cautionary Tale

Elizabeth Spann Craig

Most advice encourages indie authors to do pre-orders. But is it always a good idea? Author Elizabeth Spann Craig outlines her own pre-order experiment and offers seven tips for other authors. This session will give you a better sense of the pros and cons of pre-orders: both best practices and why pre-orders may not always work for you.


Get Out of the Writing Cave: Turning Readers into Fans

Natalie Wright

Setting up shop at book festivals, comic cons and genre-specific conventions can be a highly productive way for genre fiction authors to build their email lists, sell books, expand their brand and meet the readers that will become their biggest fans.


Kobo Writing Life Author Interviews 2

Kobo Writing Life

In the second Video recorded by Kobo Writing Life at the London Book Fair 2016, authors Kathryn Croft, Mel Sherratt, Paul Pilkington, Alison Morton and Harvey Black are interviewed.


10 Amazing Tools For Indie Authors: Build Your Author Platform & Get More Writing Done!

Paul Teague

In this video presentation, social & digital marketer and indie author Paul Teague will demonstrate ten amazing tools to save you time and effort give your writing and author platform an instant shot in the arm.


Essentials For Self-Publishing Authors: The Seven Must-Haves

Kiffer Brown

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, Kiffer talks about the qualities and strategies that are non-negotiable for indie authors


How to train your Dragon to increase you daily word count : ALLi Members

ALLi Members

In this article, Members of the Alliance of Independent Authors  provide feedback about the pros and cons of using Dragon for speech-to-text. If you’re considering switching from keyboard to microphone to write your daily word count, here’s input to help you decide if you need a Dragon of your own.


The Six-Month Book: From Concept to First Draft Completion

Aimie McCracken

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, editor, book designer and indie author Amie McCracken outlines how to get your first draft down in six months.


Freelancing to pay the Bills

John Lynch

In this Article successful author John Lynch explains why he started freelancing, how he does it, and what you need to do to follow his example.


Insights from Kobo Merchandisers

Mark Lefebvre

Find out insider details regarding what Kobo merchandisers are looking for in the titles they feature in the various Kobo global storefronts.


12 steps from inspiration to finished novel draft

Sue Johnson

For every 100 novels started, only one is completed. Give yourself the best chance of being that person. In this blog post Sue Johnson explains how to build a solid foundation for your novel and how to stay inspired until you reach the end of the first draft.


Beating Block & Fostering Flow

Tom Evans

For indie authors, blocks can get in the way not just of our writing but also our publishing and marketing. In this video presentation, wizard life-coach and indie author Tom Evans explains how to get beyond block and foster flow in all aspects of your self-publishing life.


How to Find and Inspire Your Super Fans!

Penny Sansevieri

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA Penny Sanvevieri talks about how the secret to sustaining a successful author career is the connection you make to your fans. Join the Founder and CEO of Author Marketing Experts and Orna Ross, Director, Alliance of Independent Authors — both bestselling authors and publishing experts, to learn how to identify and reach your ideal readers, turn them into superfans, and how to ignite those fans so they are ones promoting your work.


Get In Front Of Influencers: How To Spread The Word About Your Book

Shari Stauch

Shari Stauch, founder of Where Writers Win, talks about the opportunities available to market your books.


Kobo Writing Life Author Interviews 3

Kobo Writing Life

In the third Video recorded by Kobo Writing Life at the London Book Fair 2016, authors Chele Cooke, Eliza Green, Karen Inglis, Rohan Quine, Margaret Skea, Clare Flynn, Helena Halme and Clare Lydon are interviewed.


Book Marketing begins at Home

Debbie Young

How to ensure that in your quest for a global audience, you don’t neglect the power and potential of offline strategies on your home territory to increase your confidence and competence on the worldwide stage.


All For One & One For All: How Author Associations Help Your Self-Publishing Career

Kim Bookless

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, Orna Ross and Kim Bookless talk about how their respective organisations serve the needs of indie authors and can help you write and sell more books.


Distribute More Books In More Territories

Kinga Jentetics

In this live 20 minute presentation from BEA, Orna Ross and talks with Kinga Jentetics of PublishDrive about book distribution world wide.


Psychology and Research In Author-Publishing: How To Reach More Readers While Looking After Yourself

Dan Blank

In a wide-ranging discussion with ALLi Technical Manager and author David Penny, Dan Blank cover a range of topics of concern to all writers. How to reach your readers, effective marking and how to promote your books without spamming anyone.


Indie Author Fringe wrap-up and Cover Competition Winners

Orna Ross, David Penny, Jay Artale

Orna Ross, David Penny and Jay Artale sum up the BEA Indie Author Fringe Conference, and announce the winners of the Cover Competition with best cover in Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Series.