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Blog Business Plan: Should I write one?

Blog Business Plan Change your BusinessBlog Business Plan

Anyone can launch a free blog and start posting within a matter of minutes. If you’re writing a blog for your own gratification, you don’t need a plan.

But, if your blog is a platform to support your business growth, you need a plan.

Here’s the Who, What, When, Why and How of Blog Business Planning:

Who Should Create a Blog Business Plan

  • If you want to achieve something from your blogging efforts, you need a plan.
  • If your want to achieve Return on Investment for your blogging efforts, you need a plan. Sustaining a blog takes effort. If you have no clear vision of your goals and objectives, that effort is wasted.

What is a Blog Business Plan?

  • It’s your roadmap for getting you to your destination.
  • It clearly identify your goals and how your plan on achieving them.
  • Your plan can be short or long. It can be a lengthy 30 page powerpoint presentation, or a 1-page word document.
  • The size of your plan, depends on the size of your dreams. What do you want to achieve? How big are your dreams? As long as your Blog Business Plan meets YOUR needs, it’s the right size.

When to Create a Blog Business Plan

  • At the beginning of your blogging journey? Ideally, but not always.
  • If you’re thinking about creating a blog and have a clear vision of what you want to achieve; create a plan.
  • If you’re transitioning from hobby blogger to business blogger; create a plan. I started one of my Travel Blogs as a hobby and forum to share my knowledge with others, it became such an all consuming passed that I developed it from a hobby into a money-making business venture.
  • If you’ve already started a blog, but don’t know why your blogging; create a plan. I’ve worked with companies who were told they needed blog to support their business website; so started one. They didn’t know what they were trying to achieve but started it anyway. Along the way they lost focus because maintaining a blog without a clear vision or objective in mind is cumbersome.

SMART Goals Important for Blog Business PlanWhy Create a Blog Business Plan?

  • A plan takes your big dream, and provides you with the small achievable steps to reach it.
  • A plan can build your blog into a money making venture.
  • A plan will set you on the right path and keep you on track.  You can’t expect to reach your goals, if you don’t know what your trying to achieve.
  • A plan helps you prioritize your activities and keep your motivated.
  • A plan is a proactive way of uncovering the challenges ahead. Through the planning process you can identify the challenges and solutions.
  • A plan helps you to assess whether you can maintain your blog yourself, or if you need help.

How to create Blog Business Plan

  • Where should you start? Have you already searched on the internet for inspiration, and got overwhelmed by the results?
  • If so, don’t worry. I’m going to breakdown the Blog Business Plan process into bite-size chunks, so it’s easy to digest. We’ll take it a step at a time and by the end of the process you’ll have a robust business plan to help you reach your business goals.


Additional Blog Business Plan Resources

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