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Weekly Writing Plan from ezine

Strengthen your Writing Muscles

The following quote and infographic was shared from ezine, and provides a templated approach for writing an ezine article a week – but their writing plan approach is also applicable if you’re a blogger or writer.

“Don’t be a writer, be writing.” – William Faulkner

Writing is like a muscle and with regular exercise, you’ll improve your ability to compel readers with your message and prevent those muscles from seizing up.

Make exercising your writing muscles a daily habit by incorporating this easy Weekly Writing Plan into your routine. This routine starts you off with 1 article per week. However, you wouldn’t use the same weight every day to strengthen your muscles, would you? Continue challenging your writing muscles by increasing the amount of articles published per week to improve your writing skills as well as build your exposure and authority.

Infographic for a Weekly Writing Plan





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