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I’ve been scouring around the web to find blogging templates, but along the way I discovered a “Writers Notebook for Scrivener” template. The zip file is well built and includes a folder with all of the icon image files used.

Writer's Notebook Scrivener Template IconIn the words of the zip file host, Belinda:

 I haven’t used it yet, but it looks pretty bloody awesome. I particularly like the Writing Helps & Tips section at the top, which includes such goodies as Dan Wells 7-point plot system, “11 tips to increase your productivity” and “How to make stories Rock”.

Belinda isn’t the originator of the file, but the website she sourced it from is no longer around.

You can download the file from her website by clicking on this link:

Belinda Crawford – Visit this blog post to download the Writers Notebook for Scrivener Template

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Writers Notebook for Scrivener Template

My Scrivener Templates

I love building Scrivener Templates. It’s not just building the file structure, but also creating the labels and status tags and importing the icons. But, none of my Scrivener Templates are ready for Prime Time yet.

They’re like a bottle of fine wine … they need to breath a little before I offer your a sip!  I’ve discovered that it takes a couple of months of actively working in a Binder structure to work out the missing elements and tweaking the structure.

As soon as I’m happy with my Social Media Template, Blogging Template and Freelance Writing Template … I’ll release them out into the wild…. leave a comment below if you want me to email you when they’re available.


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