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I Inspired Scrivener for Blogging

Scrivener Screen ShotScrivener for Blogging – From Bridget’s Point of View

Scrivener Roving JayI was doing my periodic Google Search to look for any new bloggers using Scrivener for Blogging, and I found a new member of this growing breed of writers.

Bridget Wright has been a professional writer and blogger for over 18 years ago, and on her website she provides readers with information, tools and resources to create a solid, reliable income on-line.

Bloggers using Scrivener are still a pretty small tribe (or they’re so busy blogging they don’t have time to write about how fabulous Scrivener is!) I like to keep an eye on this niche to see if anyone has come up with ideas or time-saving tips or techniques for using Scrivener for Blogging, so was excited to come across Bridget’s article — and even more excited that I was part of the inspiration behind Bridget’s decision to buy Scrivener.

Scrivener for Blogging Reviews
VISIT KEVIN MULDOON’S website to read the rest of Bridget’s article

I’d actually included Sharon Hurley’s content in my Benefits of Using Scrivener for Blogging article, as she was part of my inspiration for using Scrivener for Blogging.

If you’re using Scrivener for Blogging – would love to hear how you’re using it.