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Press Release: Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide


New guide book helps others get off the beaten track and enjoy a real taste of Turkey

Tourists looking to get off the beaten track in Turkey and explore in detail the unspoiled Bodrum Peninsula can now download a brand new ebook giving a full and comprehensive overview of this much loved but lesser known area.


Written by an intrepid traveller and with a passion for Turkey, the book aims to give an independent, all encompassing overview of each town and village in the Peninsula, something which until now hasn’t been easy to find.

Despite this are of the country growing in popularity with tourists, stand-alone guides aren’t readily available with publishers dedicating just a small section of bigger tourist guides to the area.

According to the book’s author, Jay Artale, the Bodrum Peninsula is a beautiful, unspoiled area of Turkey but so much so that information accessible online still isn’t easy to find, something she herself experienced when buying a holiday home back in 2008.

She said: “I love Turkey, and I particularly love the Bodrum Peninsula, which is why I chose to buy a holiday home there a few years ago.

“While trying to research the area, the towns, villages and facilities, I discovered that finding detailed information specific to the Peninsula was virtually impossible, and what information I did find was often inaccurate and dated.



“So, I decided to put all of my own research, knowledge and passion into creating the kind of guide that I myself would have found extremely useful, a guide which helps people explore the real Turkey, its culture and people.

“I have included detailed information on each town and village which I have visited personally, and the guide is the perfect accompaniment for tourists who want to get off the beaten track and discover Turkey’s hidden delights.”

The guide book includes key information such as local sights, shopping areas, local markets, public transport, sports, beach information and activities such as boat trips and is available on Amazon from March 2013.



Note to editors:

About the author: Jay Artale is an English travel writer who has dedicated her time and energy into helping people to explore and enjoy the Bodrum Peninsula. Her website 

attracts thousands of visitors each year all keen to find out more about Turkey and what it has to offer.


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