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Pinterest for Authors Infographic #2: Connect with the Story

From IndieReCon Article to Pinterest Infographic

This is the 2nd infographic in my Pinterest for Authors series. The content comes from a very long article I wrote for IndieReCon 2015. That article was packed with so much information so I decided to break it down into bite-size tips for how authors and writers can engage their audience using Pinterest.

If you missed my “Pinterest for Authors Infographic #1: Connect with the Story” you can read it by clicking here.

Pinterest for Authors Infographic

Here’s a summary of Pinterest-13

Connect with the Story

Create an Inspiration Board to share how you approach your story writing process. Source images that trigger your imagination and will inspire and engage your readers?

At the beginning of your story-writing process, your Inspiration Board may be a little erratic and disjointed, but it’s a pictorial view inside the creative mind. It’s well worth sharing.

Your inspiration board is a catch-all content board, and doesn’t have to be too structured. You can always delete pins you decide aren’t relevant, or use this board as a source-board to repin images to other boards later on.

If your Inspiration Boards starts to become too crowded or disjointed, you can create writing inspiration boards for specific topics and story elements.