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Pinterest for Authors Article at IndieReCon 2015

What is IndieReCon?

IndieReCon is an online conference by authors for authors. It ran around the clock for nearly 3 days straight, and consisted of Live Events, Pre-recorded Videos and Blog post.

I was on the speaker schedule for IndieReCon 2015, and opted for the easiest option and created a visually extensive blog post about about authors could use Pinterest for their author brand.

Here’s some of the feedback about my Pinterest for Authors article:

Pinterest for Authors Recommendation Tweet for @JayArtale Presenter at IndieReCon 2015

Pinterest for Authors Recommendation Tweet for @JayArtale Presenter at IndieReCon 2015

Pinterest for Authors Recommendation Tweet for @JayArtale Presenter at IndieReCon 2015

 Building your Brand with Pins & Boards

IndieReCon article by Jay Artale

Click this image to read the full article on IndieReCon

Here’s a few key excerpts from my Pinterest for Authors Article:

Pinterest Steals Google Search Engine Traffic

Pinterest has even started to steal some of the Google search engine traffic, and more and more users use Pinterest, rather than Google, to make purchasing decisions.

With this metric in mind, it makes sense to spend some of your weekly Social Media Management activities focused on building your brand on Pinterest.

Pinterest can be your visual partner during your unsteady first steps of being faced with a blank page and searching for inspiration; through the frenzied launch activity; and into the continual cycle of promotion activities to keep your book buoyant, visible and current. Pinterest can be there every step of the way.

Here’s 7 strategies for creating content to draw your readers in:


7 Pinterest Strategies for Authors

All your Pinterest activities can fit into one of these 7 strategies, and by segmenting your activity into one of these groups, it will help you to focus your energies in the area that will benefit you the most.

In my article I provide a summary of different pinning options based on these 7 Pinterest strategies, and would love to hear from you about your Pinterest activity and successes.

If you have Pinterest planning or strategic input or questions, please leave me a question or comment below.


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Article Featured in the Carnival of the Indies:

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My “Pinterest for Authors” article was the featured post in Joel Friedlander’s The Carnival of the Indies in May 2015 edition:


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