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5 Steps from Newbie Blogger to SME

Blogging Tips from Newbie Blogger to Subject Matter ExpertBecome a Subject Matter Expert Blogger

Are you a newbie blogger trying to establish yourself as a  Subject Matter Expert in your niche?

Blog Your Passion

There’s two different schools of thought about choosing your niche:

  • Option 1: Complete keyword search, and identify a niche with a demand.
  • Option 2: Blog your Passion.

I belong to the second group. I can’t imagine creating a continual stream of content about a topic I’m not passionate about. If you Blog your Passion – it doesn’t feel like work!

Blog your Niche

Once you’ve identified which topic you’re passionate about, follow this list of actions to rocket you from a Newbie Blogger to Subject Matter Expert with the least amount of sweat and tears:

  1. Write 5-10 Articles on your niche or industry for your own blog to demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
  2. Create a Cornerstone Content Page for the topic on your blog, and add a link to this page at the bottom of each of your articles.
  3. Use your blog articles as a Pitch Portfolio to offer Guest Articles to other blogs and websites, using the Cornerstone Content Page as the link in your by-line or Author Credit.
  4. Accept Guest Article on your Blog for the same topic (and add these to your Cornerstone Content Page too!)
  5. Add valuable Comments on related Articles on other blogs and websites.

By following these 5 simple steps, you establish yourself as a Subject Matter Expert in your niche. 

Subject Matter Expertise Cornerstone Content

To optimise the return on investment for all this activity, you have to create a Cornerstone Content Page. This helps search engines identify the most important page on your website for the topic, and it also provides site visitors with an invaluable target page to link back too.

Cornerstone Content pages are easy to feature in a tweet; add on social media, or include in Round-up Articles.

The more back-links you get, the higher your Cornerstone content will appear in search engine results.  This of course, will increase your credibility as a Subject Matter Expert.

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