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Kindle Sales Drives Rankings & Category

Kindle Rankings & Category

Kindle Rankings are updated hourly, causing you to shoot up to #1 and plummet down to #10 in the same day, depending on the volatility of the sates in your Category.

Authors select their ideal categories during publication, but at the end of the day; Amazon and Sales determines where your books appears.

Default Category for my Bodrum Guide

My default category is Kindle > Travel > Middle East, and I have appeared in their Top 100 list since I published my Bodrum guide. This is not a huge category, so I’ve come to expect regular sales will maintain my place in the table. But when my sales spike even more, my book starts appearing in other sections.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Rankings on Amazon Best Seller

Other Categories for my Bodrum Guide

Last weekend I had record sales and I made it to #8 in Travel & Holiday > Turkey, which is a BOOK section (rather than the Kindle section).

This Turkey Travel section is targeted at my core audience, but there’s a lot of stiff competition here. The top 8 spots are dominated by Lonely Planet, DK Guides and a Rough Guides.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Rankings on Amazon Best Seller… and then me! This section is where the big boys play, and I was thrilled to see my Bodrum Guide backing these  heavy-hitters up at #8.

Bodrum Peninsula Travel Guide Rankings on Amazon Best Seller

I always down-play the efforts it took to create and launch my guidebook and how well it’s selling, but at times like this, it’s gratifying to see my efforts paid off.

My book also made an appearance in the Top 100 list of Kindle > Travel > Continental Europe. Competition in this category is even greater, because of the broad range of content available; icing on the cake!

Identity Crisis for Turkey

But poor Turkey has an identity crisis … my book appeared in Middle East, Asia and Europe categories.


Bodrum Peninsula Travel GuideThanks to everyone who bought my book, I really appreciate it.  If you haven’t bought it yet – click on this link to visit your local Amazon.