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Jay’s Trip Advisor Contributions

Jay Artale on Trip Advisor

Here’s a summary (as of July 2014) of my status and contributions on Trip Advisor.

Destination Expert

I’m a destination expert for Bodrum City and Bodrum, Turkey.

Jay Artale Trip Advisor Destination ExpertI’m also a Forum Destination Expert for Gumusluk, Turkey.

Trip Advisor Destination Expert for Gumusluk

Trip Advisor Contributions

  • Here’s a list of the total Contributions I’ve made to Trip Advisor. This activity is a mix of destination, hotel and sightseeing location reviews, and forum contributions:

Trip Advisor Contributions

  • Below are the tiles for the Top 6 destinations I’ve contributed content for:

Jay Artale Trip Advisor Contributions Destinations Tile View

Trip Advisor Badges

Jay's Trip Advisor Badges as of July 2014

 Traveler Articles for Trip Advisor

Jay's list of Traveler Articles on Trip Advisor as of July 2014

I’ll be updating this article periodically to capture the new activity.

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