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How to Use Houzz to Market your Business

New to Houzz?

Houzz Logo How to use Houzz to market your business Interior DesignWhen I first heard about Houzz, I wasn’t sure if it was an e-commerce site or a social media platform. So I’ve spent the past couple of weeks dipping in and out of their site to discover how to use Houzz to Market your Business.

From a high level, it’s looks like a combination of:

According to Digital Sherpa:

…. homeowners (and soon-to-be-homeowners) are using the fast-start social network to find inspiration for remodeling, landscape design, decor, and much more. It has quickly become the largest design database in the world and is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting homeowners with builders, architects, interior designers, and other home design professionals.

I watched an informative webinar from Houzz’s Marketing VP which gave a good overview of how Houzz works, and also read a couple of articles about how Brands are using Houzz to market their business and build their brand. The content below is a summary of what resonated with me, and I’ve included links back to the Houzz site for more information.

How to get Discovered on Houzz

  • Build and Complete your Profile
    • Include a lot a useful information about your Company
  • Upload Photographs
  • Create Projects and Idea Books
  • Interact with Homeowner Community
  • Ask Clients and Colleagues to post Reviews

More information about Creating an Effective Brand Presence on Houzz

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Upload Photos to Houzz

Product Tagging

  • Add 3-5 descriptive keywords per image
  • Provide the detailed product and purchase information

How to Use Houzz to market your business webinar screenshots

Create Projects

  • Project are a way to organize your uploaded photos.
  • Each photo can only belong to one project and your projects appear by title in alphanumeric order on your profile page.
  • You should use your projects to group your photos by type, product line or other key categorization

Create Idea Books

  • These are great ways to showcase your products
  • You can create idea books from any photo on Houzz (including the ones you’ve uploaded)
  • Create targeted Idea Books (like products, colors, room settings or gift guides)

How to Use Houzz to market your business webinar screenshots

Community Interaction

  • Every photo on Houzz has a question section
  • Visit the community to answer questions like design dilemmas
  • There’s interactions become part of your Houzz profile
  • Answer questions to show your expertise

More Information about Houzz Discussions for Brands

Build your Community

  • Find and follow your advocates on Houzz like professionals that feature your products in their designs, and homeowners that post about you in discussions.
  • Ask your Twitter followers to follow you on Houzz.
  • Post your profile link to your Facebook page and ask for the people that like you on Facebook to also follow you on Houzz.
  • Add a Houzz social button to your site to make it easy to find you here.
  • Be active! Nothing beats an active and engaged profile to attract followers on Houzz.

Why are people using Houzz?

How to Use Houzz to market your business webinar screenshots

Houzz Editorial Team Idea Book Section

  • Full time editorial staff – create Houzz Idea Book articles.
  • They use information from professionals on Houzz to build Houzz idea books.
  • These provide High visibility to your products and projects.

How to Use Houzz to market your business webinar screenshots

Houzz Professional Directory

The Houzz directory is very visual, algorithm based business listing, with the most relevant professional at the beginning based on the content they’ve posted.

Invest the time and effort to build your profile, upload photographs and create a community and this will raise your standings in the directory.

How to Use Houzz to market your business webinar screenshots

View the Houzz Webinar:

  • How Houzz has changed how homeowners find and choose professionals
  • How to use Houzz more effectively to market your business and build your brand

Watch the Houzz Webinar

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