Write Seasonal content for pinterest

Holidays are BIG STUFF on Pinterest

Write Seasonal content for pinterest

According to Pinterest, they see a 25% increase in boards related to gifts and wishlists. “Christmas gifts” is already one of their top 25 search terms. This is good news for businesses because a recent Harvard Business Review study found that 21% of all Pinners buys product that they discovered on Pinterest.

Did I mention that holidays are huge for Pinterest?

Black Friday is just around the corner and the peak holiday shopping way is already in full flow. So here’s a list of 5 ideas from Pinterest to get you and your brand ready for the holidays.

1. Get Rich Pins

Rich Pins add extra details to your pins, including price, availability and where to buy. If someone Pins a product with this info, they’ll also receive email notifications if the item drops in price later. That extra notice could inspire someone to buy!

2.  Make it easy to Pin from your website

Many businesses see thousands of Pins coming from their website each day. When people Pin from your website, they make your products and services discoverable to millions of people on Pinterest. Make it easier for them to do so by adding a Pin It button to your site’s pages.

3.  Update your Pin and board descriptions

The study in the Harvard Business Review also found that 10 percent of items that caught Pinners’ attention came from Pinterest searches. This means it’s extra beneficial if each of your Pins and boards includes a thoughtful description with search-friendly words.

4.  Get creative!

Boards can be more than just wishlists and gift guides. Take a creative spin on the holidays using Pinterest, and you just might see tons of new engagement.

Last year Lowe’s finished up its Black Friday Deal Reveal campaign, which included posting black silhouettes of products and asking Pinners to guess the item before revealing the items later.

5. Curate inspiring gifts lists and holiday guides for your customers

Curate your products into different gift list boards, which gives your stuff a more editorial spin.



Tip #6 image is from the Blog Mavern, click this link to see what else is on the list all the rest of the items listed are from Pinterest.