Overcome Procrastination for Bloggers

Infographic: Field Guide to Procrastinators

Overcome Procrastination for BloggersPrelude to Productivity

According to Angela, the designer of this Infographic, “Procrastination is the prelude to productivity!“, and I have to agree with her.

Even while I’m procrastinating about writing I know I’m doing it, but I have to wallow in that “awareness” phase; verbally kicking myself for wasting time. Meanwhile, behind the scenes I’m like a clockwork mouse, winding myself up to be hyper-productive.

During this procrastination phase, I’ll focus on the wrong things. I’ll just stumble along nudging paragraphs and tweaking punctuation instead of writing the chapters I’m procrastinating about.

Based on Angela’s Infographic, that makes me a “Side-tracker”.  What kind of procrastinator are you?

Procrastinators Infographic




Comic illustration by Angela Liao, 20px. Republished with permission; under a Creative Commons licence.