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Brad Swift Shares his Scrivener Writing Tips

Today I’m pleased to welcome Guest Blogger Brad Swift, an Author who combines his coaching and writing at “Writing: Tool for Transformation” He and I are members of the same Scivener Facebook group, and recently we were chatting about some of his favourite Scrivener features.

Scrivener for writing Header on Jay Artale

Scrivener Template for a Writers Notebook

Find out how to download the “Writers Notebook for Scrivener” template. Which has an extensive Writing Helps & Tips section at the top, that includes Dan Wells 7-point plot system, “11 tips to increase your productivity” and “How to make stories Rock”.

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Scrivener Basics: Binder Icons

If you work on multiple projects at one time, or have a break between working sessions, it’s easy to pick up where you left off by relying on the Scrivener Binder Icons. In this article I show you how I use them for article tracking and e-books.

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Evolution of the Blogger Infographic #1

In 1994 the blog was born. It secured it’s foothold on the worldwide web, and a new, engaging form of human communication was born. It has taken a couple of decades for the business world to catch onto the power of the blog, but today most of the savvy companies realize its value. This infographic from Flowtown shows the Evolution of the Blogger.

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Why I chose Scrivener

With one book under my belt, I’ve amassed lots of learnings of what I’d do differently for book #2, but one of my primary needs was around a more efficient Content Management system. Read why I chose Scrivener.

Jack Scott Turkey the Raw Guide

I devoured Jack’s Raw Turkey and it was Bootiful!

How many times have you been with friends, and somebody new has joined the group?  Favourite stories are recounted.  Other stories you’d forgotten about, rise to the surface like the cream of the crop. And out of the blue, fresh tales are revealed. That’s what it felt like when I was devouring Jack Scott’s latest book “Turkey the […]

Perking the Pansies by Jack Scott

My Review of: Perking the Pansies – the Book

Meet Jack Scott If you’re an avid Pansy fan, like me, this year you’ve watched Jack Scott evolve.              His metamorphosis from an anonymous pansy logo, to a monochrome rendition, to a colourful but incomplete puzzle, had nowhere else to go but – fully exposed!  And today, visitors to his daily blog, Perking the Pansies, are greeted with […]