Pinterest for Authors How to Grow my mailing list

How Authors use Pinterest to Grow their Email List

Pinterest for Authors: April

I hosted a Giveaway during IndieReCon to support my “Pinterest for Authors” article, and the winner was Sue Webb who writes as Suzi Love. She’s an Australian author of historical romances:

Suzi Love Pinterest Board

Sue loves Pinterest and is a veracious pinner, but she had questions about running Pinterest contents, and wanted to know whether they were worth the trouble, and easy to run.

Her website stats show that she gets more traffic via Pinterest than anything else and her goal was to covert some of her website browsers into newsletter subscribers.

Sue asked: “Is there anything I can do in Pinterest to encourage people to sign up for the newsletter?”

The answers is a resounding “Yes!” Let’s review how…

Simple 3 Step Approach to promote newsletter sign-up

›As well as generating traffic to your website, Pinterest can also be used to build your email list. Look at it from the perspective of your visitors and ask yourself how you can add value. Give them a reason to sign up, by offering a one-time or on-going incentive.

3 steps approach to promote sign up of your newsletter using Pinterest

3 steps approach to promote sign up of your newsletter using Pinterest

Opt-in Author Incentives

Here’s a short-list of incentives that you can offer to entice your readers and fans to sign up to your newsletter:

  1. Free Download (complete book, short story or novella)
  2. Sample Chapters of an existing or new book
  3. Discount or gift coupon to buy or download your book
  4. Entry into a Sweepstake to win a free book or a virtual-appearance at a book club event

How to plan and implement your Pinterest Giveaway

Campaign Task List:

  1. Identify your incentive/giveaway item
  2. Create a website Landing page for your Campaign/Giveaway
    1. Use consistent branding between you Pin and your Website landing page to make it easy for your visitors to make the visual connection that they’ve landed on the right page
    2. Include Who, What, How and When:
      1. Who is eligible
      2. What do they get (your incentive)
      3. How do they get it (signing up to your email list)
      4. If limited one-time event, include the beginning and ending dates. If you’re hosting an on-going promotion include when you’ll do your draw (e.g. Last Sunday of Every Month)
  3. Create a Pin announcing your giveaway
    1. Canva is Free and Easy to use
    2. 600 pixels wide and any length
  4. Create a Giveaway Board 
    1. Set it up as a Secret Board until you’re ready to announce your giveaway, and then change it to a Public Pinterest Board
  5. Upload your Pin to your Board
    1. Write an optimised description of your pin. Provide clear direction on what entrants need to do to enter. Give the highlights on the pin description and direct them to your website for more detailed information.
    2. Double check that your pin is linked to your website landing page.
  6. Pin other relevant pins to your Board
  7. Set up your auto responders, lists and forms
    1. MailChimp has a free and premium version, AWeber offers a 30 day free trial and premium.
    2. Set up sign up forms and a mailing list
  8. Plan and implement a social marketing campaign
    1. Launch your Campaign
    2. On-going promotion and reminders
    3. Announce the winners

Examples of Pinterest Author Campaigns: eBook Giveaway

eBook Giveaway for email Subscription Pinterest for Authors Jay Artale

Examples of Pinterest Author Campaigns: Signed Book Giveaway

Signed Book Giveaway on Pinterest

Examples of Pinterest Author Campaigns: Blog tour and Giveaway

Blog Tour & Giveaway Example Pinterest for Authors Jay Artale

Examples of Pinterest Author Campaigns: Signed Book Giveaway for email Subscription

Signed Book Giveaway Pinterest for Authors Jay Artale

All of these examples could be used as incentives to encourage your audience to join your mailing list.

Pinterest have Rules about Contests:

Pinterest Content Rules

Have you Run an Pinterest Author Campaign?

Have your run a campaign on Pinterest to grow your mailing list? I’d love to hear about it. Leave me a link to your Pinterest Promo board below so I can take a look and follow it.


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