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Article Marketing 101: Ezine

Submit your high-quality, original articles for more exposure, credibility and traffic back to your website.

Ezine articleIntroduction to Ezine

When you sign up for a Free Basic Membership account at EzineArticles.com, you can opt in to receive a series of email training articles to help you create optimal articles to market you and your site:

One of the key messages in the first training email is:

“The Article Body Is Where You Give;
The Resource Box Is Where You Take.”
– Christopher Knight, CEO, EzineArticles.com

Article Marketing 101:

  • The purpose of the Training series is to provide you with the foundational knowledge to create quality original articles to promote your brand and your business.

The Keys to Article Marketing:

  • Create content that positions you as an expert in your chosen niche
  • Showcase your subject matter expertise in the article body content, without “selling”
  • Give the reader what they need
  • Use the Resource Box at the end of the article to provide a link to your site

Once you’ve created your content, submit it frequently to http://EzineArticles.com/.

The goal:  Attract increased traffic to your website.

Create an effective Resource Box:

  • Don’t spill your life story in the box, just include enough information to entice the visitors to visit your site
  • Make sure there’s a connection between your article content, your resource box and your target site.  It’s key to leverage a consistent message.

Do you have article ready to publish at Ezine?: