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3 Tips: How not to sell your product on Instagram

instagram logo 5 tips how not to sell on instagramReplace Selling your Product on Instagram with Engaging your Audience

You know you need to focus on engaging with your audience on Instagram, but how do you do that without blatantly selling to them?

These 3 tips are different ways you can share engaging photographs and images on Instagram without just posting product photos;

Tip 1: Behind The Scenes

Create a closer connection with your community by giving them a sneak peak at what your company does behind the scenes. It could be your office space that uses creative ways to keep organized, or steps in your creative process. How about showing them the way your product is made. The more they can relate to your product, the more they’re likely to hit the buy button.

Here’s three great examples that show a desk or workspace from a different and interesting perspective.

  • Post your images to Instagram using #behindthescenes

Tip 2: Show Them How To Use Your Product

Don’t automatically assume that your community has as much creative or design inspiration as you do. Help them out by giving them ideas and  on how to use your product. This provides you with an opportunity to share photos of your images, but also provide them with inspiration on how and why they need your product.

Pottery Barn on Instagram

This image above is the Pottery Barn Advent Calendar and shows examples of how to use their products to bring the Christmas season into your home.

The images below are from Bed Bath and Beyond, and show their products in action. See how they’ve displayed the picture frames around the door? This not only showcases their products, but gives you a flash on inspiration on how to incorporate their products into your home.

Bed Bath and Beyond Instagram Account Images

  • Post your images to Instagram using #designtiptuesday or #transformationthursday

Tip 3: Introduce Yourselves

Help your community put a face to the name of your company. Create a connection by showing different scenarios and events during your work day. Remember to get creative with camera angles, and portray events from a different perspective.

Here’s a creative approach from eyewear designer Warby Parker. It’s a behind the scenes look at an event they attended, by also advertises their glasses with a subtle approach

instagram awesome eyewear

Norwegian Salmon posts lots of scrumptious food images, but every once in a while they interject an image of a person to humanize the brand. In this image we have Chef Mathias Spieler styling salmon for a photo shoot.

Norwegian Salmon Photo Shoot on Instagram

  • Post your images to Instagram using #behindthescenes

If you’re looking for Instagram inspiration, just search on your keywords in their app or search on hashtags in Iconsquare. Then assess what will work for your brand and start taking and posting pictures to engage with your audience.

Track what’s working and what isn’t, and do all you can to repeat your success.


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