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3 Scrivener Guest Blogging Tools

Scrivener Screenshot. Using Synopsis Document Notes Guest Blogging on Track

Keep your Guest Blogging on Track

When writing a guest article in Scrivener it’s handy to have a continual reminder of what you’re writing. I use the following three areas on my Scrivener writing screen to keep my guest blogging on track and focused. Each of these three areas are captured in the screen shot above. Together these are three invaluable Scrivener Guest Blogging Tools.

1. Synopsis:

  • This is the little white index card in the top right hand side of the screen shot above. I use this area to to capture a quick synopsis of the article idea.
  • This is the same index card that shows up in the Cork Board view of Group Mode.
    • Click on View > Corkboard Options to change the look of your index card.
    • In this example I’ve turned on “Show Status Stamps” to see the current status of the articles (I’m displaying Published, First Draft and Final Draft in this example)
Scrivener Corkboard view of index card synopsis

Scrivener Cork Board View

2. Document Notes:

  • The Document Notes section is in the yellow area of the screen in the lower right corner. This area is great for quick reference free-form text.

Scrivener Document Notes screen shot for Blog Article Writing

  • I use this section to include any additional notes or keywords I need to remember to include in my guest articles.
  • These notes are great to have continually visible, so that they are a constant reminder of the article’s focus.

3. Session Target Tool:

  • I’ve also just started to use the Session Target tool when I’m writing my first draft of a guest article.
  • You can see in the screen shot below that my target word count was set at 500, but I’ve nearly reached 600 words. So I know it’s time to stop writing and start reviewing and editing.
  • I didn’t actually set a target on the article I was writing (in the screen shot at the beginning of the article) – I just used the word count as a reminder.
  • But if I’d set a Target Word Count it would have looked like this:

Scrivener Word Count Screen Shot Blogging software

  • You also have a word and character count reminder at the bottom of your screen.

Scrivener Word and Character Count Blogging software

The Synopsis, Document Notes and Session Target Tool are three handy visual reminders to keep your guest blogging on track. These will help you to streamline your writing progress and keep your guest articles on topic and target.

If you’re already using Scrivener for Blogging – what Scrivener tools do you rely on?

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